HoopHall Dreams Camp - Week 1

HoopHall Dreams Camp - Week 1

BasketBull, in affiliation with the Basketball Hall of Fame, is excited to announce the schedule for The 2014 Hoop Hall Dreams Camps. 

The 2014 Hoop Hall Dreams Camps are Overnight Summer Basketball Camps that provide Boys Ages 10 and Older with the opportunity to receive some of the best coaching in the country while also being afforded the chance to participate in games and contests Inside The Basketball Hall Of Fame. 

Players will have the opportunity to compete against some of the top players their age throughout camp in addition to building new relationships with players from all over the country.  Players and Coaches will be staying on the campus of Westfield State about fifteen minutes from The Basketball Hall Of Fame.  Professional busing will be provided to take players to and from the Hall of Fame.

Registration is Open

Registration Price: $495.00

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Event Information

Week 1          Boys Only

Date:             June 30 - July 3

Ages:            10 & Up

Location:       Westfield State University and The Basketball Hall of Fame

Drop Off:       Monday          10:30 am - 12:00 pm  - Westfield State University - New Hall

Pick Up:        Thursday         1:00pm                         -  Westfield State University - New Hall 

About Event

10 Reasons To Attend The Hoop Hall Dreams Camp

1. Safety and Security – For many players this will be his/her first time away from home.  We here at BasketBull LLC and The Hoop Hall Dreams Academy understand the gravity of this situation from both the player and parent perspective.  On staff 24 hours a day will be two qualified athletic trainers ready to serve the needs of all of our campers.  Our camp staff will conduct multiple roll calls throughout each day and will be required to follow strict guidelines each evening within the dorms.  In addition to our staff, Westfield State (where players will stay) has their own campus security that will be at our disposal.  The Safety, Security, and Well Being of your child are our primary concern.
2. The Basketball Hall of Fame – There is no other destination camp in the world that can offer the full experience of the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Players will get to tour the Hall of Fame with their friends and other campers, as well as get to compete at Center Court with all the legends of the game surrounding them. 
3. Elite Coaches – At The Hoop Hall Dreams Camp campers will receive elite coaching from top college, high school, and travel team coaches.  To become a coach at The Hoop Hall Dreams Camp staff members go through a vigorous application process.  We do this to ensure campers receive the highest level of coaching in the country.
4. Competition – Because The Hoop Hall Dreams Camp is so unique with coupling of Elite Coaching and The Basketball Hall of Fame the top players ages 10 and older from around the country and beyond are attracted to participate and test their skills. 
5. Personal Growth Off The Court – As stated above, this may be the first time away from home for many players.  The Hoop Hall Dreams Camp will afford players with the opportunity to experience being away from home in a safe and secure environment.  It will also give players the opportunity to bond with their friends and other players from across the country. 
6. First Class Accommodations - BasketBull considered many locations to host The Hoop Hall Dreams Academy.  No venue offered the level of security and comfort of Westfield State.  Westfield State offers Air Conditioned Dorms that are suite style that has the capability of hosting up to six (6) players in one room.  We can not guarentee all roommate requests, however do our best to ensure that all players are comfortable and with friends. 
7. Guest Lectures – BasketBull will use its elite and extensive basketball rolodex to provide players with the highest quality guest instructors.  Guest Speakers will range from those who have professional experience to skill specialists. 
8. All Encompassing Skill Development – Basketball can be a very complex game and there are countless nuances of the game that will be picked up throughout a player’s career.  One of our goals is to establish and reinforce the basics of the game.  We want to help player eliminate bad habits to they will be better off in their near quest to becoming an impact middle school and high school player.
9. 7:00 AM Skill Classes (Optional) – Our coaches will be fully committed to helping your son/daughter become a better player.  To do so each morning at camp coaches will make themselves available to help players who are looking for an extra edge.  Whatever a player is looking to work on, our coaches will be there to help. 
10. EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME – Players can go to other overnight camps, however nowhere else can they tour and compete inside the Basketball Hall of Fame.  The Hoop Hall Dreams Camp will be an experience players can carry for the rest of their lives!

Typical Camp Day

7:00 am    - Optional Skills Classes/Extra Help

7:45 am    - Wake Up/Breakfast

9:00 am    - Attendence/Stations

10:45 am  - Break/Snack & Drink

11:00 am   - 5 on 5 Games

12:00 pm   - Lunch

1:00 pm     - Skills Challenges

2:00 pm     - Lecture

2:45 pm     - 1 on 1 Compeition

3:30 pm     -  Break/Snack & Drink

4:00 pm     -  5 on 5 Practice

5:00 pm     -  5 on 5 Games

5:30 pm     -  Dinner

6:45 pm     -  5 on 5 Games/Skill Work

7:45 pm     -  5 on 5 Games/Skill Work

8:45 pm     -  Dorm/Canteen/Free Time

10:00 pm   -  Lights Out

Contact Information

Patrick Powers
(203) 912 9439

Staff Application

Currently we are in the process of putting together our Hoop Hall Dreams Camp Staff.  If you are interested in potentially being a member of our Elite 2012 Summer Camp Staff please download the application from the Link below and follow the application instructions.



Camp Checklist

To help parents and players in their efforts to plan for camp, we have included a camp checklist of what to bring and what not to bring to camp.  Please click on Link below to view the enite checklist.



Required Forms

Prior to the start of camp each camper is required to hand in two forms.  The first form is a general medical form to be filled out by the camper, the campers parent/guardian and the campers physician.  The second is a injury waiver and general liability form, to be filled out by the camper and his/her parents/guardian. The two forms are not required at the time of registrtaion, however for a camper to participate in camp both of these forms need to be completed.



Camp Brochure and Registration

For parents and campers interested in signing up for the camp, please download our camp registration form below.

Refund Policy

Depsoits of $150 for the Hoop Hall Dreams Camps are non-refundable.  

If you paid in full you can receive a refund minus the $150 desposit if you cancel 45 days prior to camp. 

If you purchase the $50 cancellation insurance can cancel 10 days or longer prior to camp you will receive a full refund minus the $150 depsoit. 

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