BasketBull Summer Championships Morning Recap

            Day 2 of the Summer Championships did not disappoint following Friday night. We saw some very competitive matchups and some impressive individual performances as well.

Most Impressive Team: DC Blue Devils (NH)

            Even with the 9 o’clock start time, these guys did not lack energy of any kind. They came out gunning, having multiple guys hitting shots early. Kevin Fernandez showed his ability to make shots both off the catch and the dribble. When defenders would adjust to him pulling from deep, he showed his ability to put the ball on the floor and make plays. When given space, he showed no hesitation to shooting the ball. Ronnie Silva also showed his ability to make plays putting the ball on the ground. He showed an array of step-back jumpers going both left and right, as well as penetrating further and getting to the hoop or getting his teammates involved. Martin Mann, younger brother of Florida State standout Terrance Mann, was very efficient too. Although he has the ability to score the ball in a few ways, his best contributions this morning were on the glass and defensive side of the ball. He was able to corral a number of rebounds and put the ball back up. Also, his ability to block and alter shots proved to be a huge asset for his team.

            Not diminishing the effort of their opponents on the other bench though, Black Bear North, from the state of Maine. Especially the performance of their 6’1” guard Taylor Schildroth, who drilled 8 three pointers. He went unconscious in the second half, and was a huge reason they were able to stay within striking distance for quite some time.

Others Who Impressed:

Craig Preston- EVO Hoops

            Craig is the definition of a true point guard. His court vision, ability to get his teammates involved, and his knack for scoring the ball make him a very complete player. He seems to be everywhere on the court, whether it is scoring the ball, handing out assists, or making numerous hustle plays that contribute to winning.

Kevin Garrison- Lone Wolf Athletics

            The 6’1” shooting guard out of Vermont had an outstanding offensive performance this morning, especially in the second half. He hit multiple three pointers, both off the bounce and from catch-and-shoot opportunities. He also showed an ability to put the ball on the floor, and show a variety of finishes in the paint. All of the above contributed to a big come-from-behind win against a very tough Boston Warriors Select squad.

Jens Ulrich-Verderber- Lone Wolf Athletics

            The 6’6” forward, built like a linebacker, had a good outing for Lone Wolf this morning. He was able to showcase his ability to score both around the rim and from the perimeter. He has a college-ready body, and is not afraid to use it.

Toni Rocak- SYP Platinum

            Although his 40 point performance from last night is a very difficult task to follow up, he was still able to show that he can score the ball in a variety of ways. Last night’s performance definitely captured the attention of Division I college coaches, as there were several in attendance bright and early this morning to see the big man from Switzerland.

Luke Hicks- Albany City Rocks Orange

            He was an all-around scorer this morning. Combine that with his athletic ability and consistent shot-making, he was a tough cover for any defender. Hicks will be a handful for teams as the tournament continues.

Nash Goldman-CWB

            He showed a great ability to make shots and make plays this morning. His combination of scoring along with getting his teammates involved proved to be pivotal in CWB’s early victory. 

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