Northeast Live Invitational 2017 All Tournament Teams

The second spring Live weekend taking place in Springfield, MA did not dissapoint. Championship Sunday was capped off with back to back game winning buzzer beaters at the 9th grade and 10th grade level. Again, the gym was filled with college coaches to take in the action. Below are the weekends all tournament teams. 

9th Grade
Benny Feuer - Running Rebels
Ethan Augusto - BABC
Ethan Okwuosa - PTT
Brian Geitner - CT Northstars
Grayson Herr - CT Passion
Terrence Clarke - Expressions Elite
Sage Ballard - Expressions Elite
Darren Pringle - NX Gen/Level
Bube Momah - CBC
Jabari Foy - Expressions Elite
Chris Bright - Nx Gen/Level
Dallion Johnson - BABC
Matt Mayers - NY Guachos
Trayvon Alexander - WE R 1
Rashan Fisher - Stamford Peace
Billy Finn - Knights
Tanner Thomas - PTT

10th Grade
Toskany Abreu - Mass Elite
Preston McKenny - NY Rens
Noach Mack - Crusaders Basketball Club
Cody Adams - CM Swarm
Colby Martins - CWB
Adrian Bonilla - Mass Fushion
Miles Jones - CWB
Nicholas Memoli - BC Early Risers
Dion Hazard - RI Jaguars
Aidan Sullivan - Rise Above 

11th Grade
Jared Whitt – BABC South
Darrius Hyppolite – BABC South
Jacob Godfrey – Blackbear North
David Keohan – Blue Wave Elite
Terion Moss – Blue Wave Elite
Chris Mack – Boston Warriors
Chandler Williams – Bulls Basketball Club
Cameron Collins – CT Playmakers
Max Samberg – CWB
Dyondre Dominguez – Expressions Elite
Preston Santos – Expressions Elite
Alonzo Jackson – Mass Rivals Select
Jordan Minor – Mass Rivals Select
Matt McDevitt – Next Level Athletics
Brad Landry – PTT
Jeff Allen – PTT
Anthony Kelly – SECC All Stars
Luke Brown – Stamford Peace
Contavio Dutreil – Stamford Peace
Gregory Lawrence - ABC - Krumins
Cole Prowitt-Smith - ABC - Krumins
Sho Kinugawa - Boston Warriors
Michael Buscetto - CT Playmakers
Nicholas Casiano - CT Select
Max Bosco - CWB
Andrew Laub - CWB
Franck Kepnang - PSA
Jake Santiago - New England Alliance 






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