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Colin Tabb


If choosing a division option within in age group, please know that the Naismith Division is for B/C level teams and the Hall of Fame Division is for A/Elite level teams. If no division option exists within a grade/age group for registration, we will make sure to create separate divisions upon creating the schedule, as long as there are enough teams to satisfy separate Naismith and Hall of Fame divisions.

Boys Divisions


Girls Division


Divisions/Age Groups

9th Grade Boys

Boys 14u Hall of Fame

Boys 14u Naismith

Boys 13u Hall of Fame

Boys 13u Naismith

Boys 12u

Boys 11u

Boys 10u Hall of Fame

Boys 10u Naismith

Girls 9th Grade

Girls 8th Grade

Girls 7th Grade

Girls 7th Naismith

Girls 5th Grade


Springfield College

263 Alden Street
Springfield, MA 01109

Basketball Hall of Fame

1000 West Columbus Ave
Springfield, MA 01105

Balliet School

52 Rosewell Street
Springfield, MA 01109

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